When most people hear of “Manhattan”, they immediately think of “The Big Apple”, in New York.  But to Montanan’s, Manhattan, sometimes fondly known as “The Little Apple”,   usually means this quaint, small town with friendly folks, just down the road from its big sister Bozeman.

Agricultural has been a huge staple of this small Montana town, with primarily seed potato farming as its mainstay.  Manhattan is just off Interstate 90, and captures the heart of those who stop by, offering restaurants, a public library, senior center, medical services, and K-12 public education.  In fact in June 2012, an article was published in US News & World Report that Manhattan High School came in second on the list of Montana’s best high schools.

One of the best parts of visiting or living in Manhattan is the slow pace and friendly people.  And an added attraction is always the panoramic views surrounding the town with several mountain ranges……always stunning in their changing vistas.  And we can’t forget fishing!  Right down the road is one of the best fishing access areas around.  The famed Gallatin River is just five minutes away.  This blue-ribbon trout habitat has proven to be some of the best fishing around, and this recreational access offers great opportunities for rafting, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking and hunting.

Each year in August the spirit of the town comes alive with the annual Potato Festival.  There’s a great home-town parade with horses clowns, tractors….you name it!  And the food and crafts fair is not to be missed on this fun day.  The town hosts another event each year in late December….their annual Christmas Stroll.  Most all the businesses, shops and restaurants are open till late evening, offering hot drinks and goodies to all who bundle up and come out on the cold winter’s night to participate.  Even Santa comes in his buckboard sleigh, pulled by a couple of strong horses, ready to hand out gifts to all the children.  The Christmas festival ends at the community gazebo with everyone singing Christmas carols.  What a wonderful way to welcome the Christmas season!

Manhattan started developing their “business park” several years ago, in an area between the town and the highway.  As the development has grown, several businesses have moved to this location.  The latest of these is Blackhawk, a large, clean manufacturing facility, which the town is proud to host.  This business alone is bringing many, many new families into this town.

Manhattan is often thought of as “the place to be” in the Gallatin Valley.  Families move to Manhattan in order to have their children attend the excellent schools, and others just come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of the larger city of Bozeman, seeking a more rural life.  It’s a jewel of a place, where everyone knows your name and you never meet a stranger.